EVERYONE CAN BE A SUPERHERO! A diary of DC Trainer Certification. Bali, March 25

EVERYONE CAN BE A SUPERHERO! A diary of DC Trainer Certification. Bali, March 25

EVERYONE CAN BE A SUPERHERO! A diary of DC Trainer Certification. Bali, March 25

In a beautiful Avalon Villa Resort in Ubud after having over super-yummy tropical breakfast 8 participants started their DC Trainer Certification Course. And it was more about laugh than about learning. Because Arthur F Carmazzi, the founder of Directive Communication Psychology created such an environment where everyone immediately felt relaxed.

Before coming to Bali, our participants had to complete the online module, which is the main basement of the course – Introduction into Directive Communication and the Colored Brain Model. Today each participant had to make a 30 minutes presentation about what they’ve learned.

So what do people expect from this course? What do they want to achieve, what kind of skills they want to develop? Here are their expectations – work and family-related:

‘I came here to become a change maker and more effective trainer. I would like to look after the senior citizens. Most of them are lost and confused and there is so much wisdom they can give. I am hoping to get them out of their shells. Also I think I can be happier person and trainer after this course’.

SARA, Singapore
‘I want to help myself and my organisation, better understand myself in any given environment. I want to a better manager and a better mom. Also to start my own carrier and have less stress’.

FARIDAH, Malaysia


“I want to become more confident as a trainer, understand my communication skills on a deeper level. On a personal level I want to make relationship with my partner stronger, have more work confidence, have less stress and better family life’.
‘I want to understand my own behavior towards others and accomplish trainer skills. I also want to resolve few conflicts in my family’.

MUSTAFA, Pakistan


‘I want to improve myself and be superhero for my company and my family. I want to change the way people think and change the strategy. Objectives for the work – to be a good leader and superhero for my little daughter’.

TOMMY, Indonesia
‘I want to make people happy. If I make only one person happier that will be my big achievement. I also want to be change agent. On family side I want better harmony’.

MOHAMMED, Saudi Arabia
‘I think it is time for me to move on and start something on my own. I hope I will get the idea how to manage people through this programme. Also I would like to start working on an international level as a trainer and a speaker. And I would like to give something nice to my wife – better life and better things – because she deserves it’.

GOPALA, Malaysia

“The main lesson for today was that everyone can become a Super-Hero, you just need to act intelligently and fight a Super-Villain! How exciting it is to have such a great international class. Everyone is inspired, and the energy here is just AMAZING!”


Stay tuned! The DC Trainer Certification Saga Continues. We will have more stories for you tomorrow!

26 thoughts on “EVERYONE CAN BE A SUPERHERO! A diary of DC Trainer Certification. Bali, March 25

  1. is the trainer certification internationally recognized? i have seen your train the trainer site and saw it is accredited, but not sure the global recognition

  2. I have heard of this workshop from my friend in Romania, where else do you conduct the train the trainer certification

  3. great post, I want to be a super hero trainer too. I wonder why people join the John Maxwell Team when they can have more support from your train the trainer certiofcation? or maybe they don’t realize this. You must do more awareness marketing. I’m sure, you’ve a huge trainer base already!

  4. Leadership is a fluid practice, good thing there is these DC trainers. We’re always changing and improving the way in which we help our direct reports and the company grow. And the longer we lead, the more likely we’ll change the way we choose to complete the sentence above. Thanks Arthur Carmazzi

  5. Not everything goes as planned. Competitors change tactics, governments force new regulations on business, strikes stop the flow of products, and, occasionally, natural disasters occur. And at times like these, leaders have to be able to change course; that is, first make sure their businesses will survive, and then find a new way to reach their goals. That is why the first thing people or a leader should have is the ability to be flexible. Such strong words from you Arthur Carmazzi changes my perspective, I’ll continue following you!

  6. This leadership and organizational culture for implementation intervention is a feasible and acceptable strategy that has utility to improve staff-rated leadership. Thanks to Arthur carmazzi

  7. The ideas that you adopt as part of your organizational change process eventually become entrenched, until they lead to an entirely different set of difficulties, and the organizational change process begins again. love the blog arthur carmazzi.

  8. It is the job of leaders to develop a vision—establish what matters and articulate why—set direction, and inspire others. Leadership does not rely on one’s title, seniority, or ability to exert power. lovely post arthur Carmazzi.

  9. What it takes to be a good leader more effectively can often be simply stated but take a lifetime to master – and it requires more than knowledge and awareness of the skills. Love the blog Arthur Carmazzi.

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